Not all Biologic Grafts are the same.

Not all Biologic Grafts are the same.


The Biodesign® Hernia Graft has over 20 years of clinical use.


The technology behind Biodesign tissue-repair products is supported by more than 1,500 published articles. More than 500 of those describe use in humans, and 10 of those have more than five years of follow-up data.


Studies have shown long-term strength as the Biodesign® Hernia Graft remodels. 1


Once it’s implanted in the body, the Biodesign® source material helps the patient’s own cells infiltrate the scaffold and remodel the material into natural patient tissue. Biodesign becomes remodeled by the body over a period of several weeks.1-2
Cook Biodesign Hernia Graft with PMI

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