Delivering Exceptional Customer Service and Our Mission to Bring Value

Most businesses would prioritize customer service to stay ahead of the competition. Not PMI; we provide exceptional customer service because they should be treated the way you’d want to be treated yourself. For over 35 years, the Golden Rule has applied to all aspects here, from the way we interact with our manufacturing partners all the way down to bringing heart-shaped donuts into the office for Valentine’s treats.

exceptional customer service
Customers are the reason we are here. Their needs should and will always come first. I often tell my employees to coddle the customers and make them feel valued; that would win the business over the ‘big company’ mentality because we care more. We take the extra steps to ensure our customers get a personalized touch; they are more than just a transaction.

To be most efficient, we take proactive measures to ensure our service and quality are best-in-class. Employees are provided ongoing training, and workflows are regularly evaluated to streamline the best customer experience we can offer. Training is essential to keep up with changing expectations. One can never train too much; we can always do better.

The medical field is fast-paced and constantly evolving. It’d be easy to do what’s best for all customers overall, but our team focuses on individualized attention and care. We want to leave a positive impact. I strive to make everyone feel heard, valued, and taken care of.

When hiring for the team, I look for specific characteristics in a person. Do they sound friendly? Are they empathetic? Do they possess problem-solving skills? Do you have the right attitude and composure? It’s not just about qualifications anymore. On a recent trip to a local hardware store, I was very impressed with several folks I encountered on my visit. I was purchasing a large appliance and being early in the morning; the employees were covering several departments until others arrived for shifts. A person in a nearby aisle ensured an employee with the knowledge attended to me to help with my purchase. I was grateful they took the extra time to find my needed help. When I checked out, the experience was so pleasant; I gave the cashier my contact information and told them to reach out if they were ever looking for employment. From just that short interaction, I could tell they’d be an excellent fit for our customer service team.

We enjoy hearing when we’ve exceeded a customer’s expectations or when one of our customer service reps gets a shout-out for going above and beyond. Conversely, we also look for ways to improve when the feedback could be better. I appreciate the constructive criticism, personally. The best approach in the situation is to face the problem head-on. It is an opportunity to grow and develop.

At the end of the day, a happy customer is how success is measured at PMI. Our top goal is to provide exceptional customer service and care for their needs. We are here to solve your problems. As our mission states: To provide our customers with clinically superior, cost-effective, innovative products in conjunction with providing excellent customer service, clinical support, and complete satisfaction.