Medical Device Clinical Support is Our Top Priority

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) is one of the only distribution companies that offer medical device clinical support to our customers from clinically trained professionals. This unique level of customer support is at the heart of PMI’s mission statement.

“To provide our customers with clinically superior, cost-effective, innovative products in conjunction with providing excellent customer service, clinical support, and complete satisfaction.”

As a market leader in the United States, PMI provides:

  • A highly motivated, clinically trained sales team
  • An experienced clinical support team with specialized professional experience
  • An unparalleled customer service
  • Expertly managed logistics
  • Experienced leadership teams

What is Medical Device Clinical Support?

Progressive Medical Inc. offers medical device clinical support to customers at all sales process stages, during product implementation, and with continued customer training. The Clinical Support team also works closely with PMI’s manufacturing partners, sales management, regulatory and marketing teams. They are responsible for answering clinical questions about our products and their indications. The clinical team at PMI continually provides in-service support, educates the sales team, presents at industry conferences, manages relationships with key opinion leaders, conducts ROI analyses, and contributes to marketing content with blogs, research studies, and clinical articles. Our team consists of clinically trained professionals willing and able to answer questions about PMI’s Infusion Portfolio and Surgical Portfolio. Experts in the areas of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Infusion Therapies, our clinically trained sales staff is supported by in-house clinical professionals. Our manufacturers, distributors, and customers gain the benefit of direct access to professionals with first-hand knowledge of the patient care environment.

How to Successfully Offer Medical Device Clinical Support

The patient outcome is most important to PMI, and that commitment persists with our medical device Clinical Support team. When providing clinical support to a healthcare provider, excellence is an obligation with each interaction. Our pharmacists apply their knowledge, experience, and skills to facilitate optimal patient outcomes. It is imperative to listen to the customer and take notes actively. The team creates strong, honest customer relationships and supports them with resources, educational materials, and videos/charts.

The Clinical Support team utilizes many resources and tools to provide our customers with medical device support, including strict scheduling strategies, our CRM database, and Microsoft and Adobe software. Lexicomp and Micromedex are the two main clinical information and compatibility solution databases. Another clinical resource to support our customers is the extended drug stability books and various clinical references. Continuously researching, reading, and learning allows the Clinical Support team to assist our customers in the best way possible.

Our team is successful in helping our customers by focusing on patient care while staying up to date with information from leading healthcare organizations. The medical device Clinical Support team uses this information to ensure that PMI is marketing clinically correct information, and they validate that our sales team is being trained clinically and appropriately for the products we distribute. They regularly point out drug-specific considerations that are important to the customer. Additionally, having peer pharmacists review every product incident report and analyze the data with the regulatory team helps to ensure consistent, high-quality products and fast reaction times should a product issue arise. Our customers benefit from the clinical relationships and PMI’s database of pharmacists and customers. These relationships allow PMI to connect customers with practicing pharmacists should the Clinical Support team not be able to answer their questions. PMI’s Clinical Support team often directs clinicians to products and services we have available of which they were unaware.

Meet the Medical Device Clinical Support Team

Clinical Affairs Director, Anna Cunningham has been with Progressive Medical Inc. for nine years. Before joining PMI, Anna practiced pharmacy as a Clinical Pharmacist at St. Louis University Hospital. She worked as a pharmacist throughout the hospital for the first few years, then spent most of her practice working with surgeons and anesthesiologists, caring for operating room patients. During this time, she also served on the Biomedical Institutional Review Board as a pharmacist reviewer on research protocols for St. Louis University Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and taught Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Bill Calhoun, Clinical Affairs Manager & Infusion Product Manager, has been with Progressive Medical Inc. for five years. Bill has over 30 years of healthcare experience with the majority of those as Director of Pharmacy.

Clinical support from experienced healthcare professionals aims to reassure our customers and set PMI apart from the competition. PMI’s Clinical Support team is available via phone, email, zoom, and in-person meetings. From fast response times to any clinical question or inquiry, to immediate support for troubleshooting or product selection, customers have continuous access to support from healthcare peers. The greatest measurement of PMI’s Clinical Support Team’s success is regular feedback and increasing demand from customers, sales reps, and leadership teams asking for consultation and support. The medical device Clinical Support team seeks to become a trusted advisor and partner to our customers and the manufacturers we represent. They continually succeed with an unwavering commitment to the patient, and they uphold the PMI mission daily.