Your Infusion Supply Solution…

Your Infusion Supply Solution…

You may not be thinking about us, but we are thinking about you and your patients.

We are your Infusion Supply Solution. Progressive Medical, Inc. has consistently remained focused on assisting healthcare facilities meet their needs in the areas of Infusion Therapy and IV Specialties. Experts in the area of Infusion Therapy and IV Specialties, our clinically trained sales staff is supported by in-house clinical professionals. Our Infusion Product portfolio aims to reduce healthcare cost by maximizing clinical efficiency and improving safety for patients, employees, and providers.

We understand your immediate needs; we listen to your concerns, and we have the support & the solutions to help!

  • Increased Demand Requires Efficient Solutions.
    We understand mechanical pumps are being moved into the hallway, away from patients, utilizing multiport manifolds attached to longer extension sets that run to the patients, minimizing the risk of cross contamination. Along with our manufacturing Partner, Quest Medical, we can provide the solution.
  • Infusion. Anywhere. We’ve Got You Covered.
    We have been advised that where appropriate, single use elastomeric pumps are being substituted for mechanical pumps again, minimizing the risk of cross contamination. With our partner, EPIC, we can provide a solution.

Cross contamination is a risk healthcare professionals want and need to minimize.  PMI is well-stocked with disposable elastomeric pumps to ease your risk.  Along with our manufacturing partners, PMI is your infusion supply solution.

Quest® Medical, Inc.
ExoFlex™ with Q2® Technology
Connectors and Extension sets

EPIC Medical
SMARTeZ® Disposable Elastomeric Pumps
SMARTeZ® Chemotherapy Use Elastomeric Pumps

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