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We are your Global Medical Device Supplier

Since 1986, with a strong clinical foundation, Progressive Medical Inc. (PMI) has maintained its mission of providing clinically superior products that demonstrate proven advantages in, quality, efficiency, safety, and, overall cost effectiveness either with our exclusive distribution partners or through our own PMI branded portfolio.

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) believes that success in the Global market depends on strategically selected product lines, relationships, distribution reach, reliable supply chain, and win-win partnerships with superior product providers. We focus on select products that will complement our synergistic product portfolio and as such, we are selective in choosing our Global Distribution partners. Our collective, strong and, steady global expansion is supported by a strategically focused clinical customer support and management group committed to satisfying the needs of our manufacturing, distribution and healthcare provider partners worldwide.

PMI’s product portfolio, global distribution, and outstanding support make Progressive Medical, Inc. an ideal distribution and manufacturer partner. Our Global market expansion and medical device product portfolio will allow for further growth of our proprietary products and those of our current and future partners. In addition, we will focus on the expanded international access to future new and novel medical device technologies.

Global Distributor Info

“As we head into the future, PMI continues to adapt to the ever-changing medical market by acquiring exclusive distributorship of innovative products, as well as quality everyday products that uphold our mission to provide cost savings without clinical compromise. We are excited to expand into the global market with our exclusive and private-labeled products.”

Mark M. Martin, MSN, MBA
President & CEO, Progressive Medical, Inc.