Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) Specimen Retrieval Bags

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) Specimen Retrieval Bags

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) is proud to bring you a family of specimen retrieval products that will revolutionize the industry.


Improve Patient Safety and Surgeon Satisfaction while Boosting your Bottom Line.


PMI SUPERBAG™ & SIMPLEBAG™ Specimen Retrieval Bags

  • Available in all sizes to fit a variety of procedures and specimens (capacities from 140mL to 2000mL and introducer sizes from 5/7mm to 15mm)
  • Strong, proprietary weave nylon rip-stop material resists breaking, tearing and leaking when removing the toughest specimens
  • Standardization with full range of sizes, materials and options for specimen retrieval needs; all products have the same simple deployment and handle
  • Re-deployment is standard on all of our PMI SUPERBAG™ sizes, saving time and reducing waste in the surgical suite

PMI SOLOBAG™ Specimen Retrieval Bag

  • Easy, one-handed delivery and deployment
  • High quality polymer
  • Simple solution at an incomparable value


The Perfect Complement for Safe, Simple Specimen Retrieval


PMI Extractor-EZ®

  • Designed to facilitate the extraction of any solid organ or specimen retrieval bag that is too large for removal through the port site
  • Developed to improve outcomes through achieving a better approximation of fascial defect closure, reducing the risk of hernia
  • Blunt tip with retractable stainless steel blade for safety while enlarging the fascial opening
  • May save valuable OR time removing specimens


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