Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) and the PMI SUPERBAG®: Reflections on a Successful Year

The PMI SUPERBAG® & Reflections on a Successful Yearsuperbag specimen retrieval bag

It isn’t often that a product commercialization exceeds expectations, but the PMI SUPERBAG® family of rip-stop nylon introducer-style specimen retrieval bags has done just that. Successfully bringing a product to market includes pre-market performance evaluations and market acceptance, both of which were overwhelmingly positive. We are now one-year post-commercialization, and the PMI SUPERBAG® has exceeded our expectations in over 1000 surgeries, with an overall 97.8% acceptance rate.

With the increase in both laparoscopic and robotic procedures, for surgeries such as lap cholecystectomies, myomectomies, and prostatectomies, the specimen bag is a frequently used instrument in procedures. At PMI, we reviewed what was most important to the surgeon and the first assists or techs who use the product. Ultimately, the patient’s needs, along with the safety, size and strength of the specimen bag were key factors in the decision-making.

The PMI SUPERBAG® – Up to 2X Stronger

specimen retrieval bag superbagStrength is needed to safely contain the specimen and resist tearing or bursting when it is being extracted through the port site. The strength of a rip-stop nylon is many times greater than that of a polymer material and this parachute-like material has the additional benefit of keeping the specimen and its contents sequestered from the abdominal cavity. When a potentially cancerous specimen or nodule is being removed, this is a requirement, not an option. PMI has conducted 3rd party strength testing to show the seam and burst strength of the PMI SUPERBAG® vs. competitive alternatives. Please visit our website and the PMI SURGLINE® portfolio, review the PMI SUPERBAG® brochure to see the results. Let us know how we can work with you and your facility to bring value to your clinicians and your patients.

The PMI SUPERBAG® is available in 5 sizes, in both an introducer style and a PMI SIMPLEBAG® style, designed with different cannula sizes and capacities. Deployment is simple and all introducer style sizes offer re-deployment in the same patient, which saves time and money in the surgical suite.

The PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ® – Simple, Safe Tissue Extraction

PMI also offers unique solutions that pair nicely with the PMI SUPERBAG®. Picture a large specimen being pulled through an 8-12mm opening! The skin will stretch, but if you can imagine this scenario from the fascial side of the opening, other factors become important. Fascial tears heal better when they are done with a straight cut versus a tear. The PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ® is essentially a laparoscopic scalpel, allowing the surgeon to extend the fascial side of the opening to allow for optimal healing for the patient.

At PMI, we are proud to be a nurse-owned company with 35 years of proven solutions for clinicians and facilities. We encourage you to Contact Us for an evaluation or fill out the form below. Our customers receive full clinical support from PMI. Education, product support and training are provided to our customers with comprehensive resource offerings, clinically-trained sales support and clinical peers with specialized professional practice experience.

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