5mm Laparoscopic Scissors System – Disposable, Single-Patient Use


PMI LAPTIPS™ is a 5mm laparoscopic scissors system, providing a reusable handle and shaft along with single patient, monopolar-capable disposable scissor tips. PMI LAPTIPS™ are a part of PMI LAPSYSTEM; a 5mm laparoscopic scissor system, providing a reusable handle and shaft along with a selection of single-patient, monopolar-capable scissor tips.

PMI offers disposable laparoscopic scissor tips in curved metzenbaum, curved mini metzenbaum, and hook scissor styles. Our tip design offers enhanced cutting, and the distal tip range of motion improves control and accuracy for precise micro-dissection. The PMI monopolar-capable scissor tips feature a novel 5mm connection design with two-step encapsulation adding protection at the shaft-to-tip junction.

PMI LAPTIPS™ – Reposable Scissors


Microline, Aesculap, disposable laparoscopic scissor tip

  • Novel 5mm disposable tip connection design
  • Enhanced PMI LAPTIP™ scissor aperture
  • Two-step encapsulation adds protection at the shaft-to-tip junction
  • Heavy-duty yellow protective tip sleeve

Microline, Aesculap, reusable laparoscopic scissor handle monopolar

  • Provides a simple secure connection to the PMI LAPSYSTEM™
  • Allows for a wide range-of-motion, enabling dissection of thicker tissue with less effort
  • Ensures a secure, safe connection
  • Provides safety and improves consistency and accuracy of tip application



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