hazardous drug safety

Ending Hazardous Drug Safety Inequity

Decades of research reveal the devasting consequences of exposure to hazardous drugs (HD) for healthcare workers (HCW) preparing and administering […]

Improved Traditional IV Infusion Devices Enable Stable Patient Care, Ambulatory Pump Set

Enable Stable Patient Care Amid Ambulatory Pump Set Shortages

Improved Traditional IV Infusion Devices Enable Stable Patient Care and Gain Preferred Status Hospitals and clinics are facing another shortage […]

IV Fluid Shortage Solution and Drug Infusion Stability

Point-of-care Admixture and IV Fluid Shortage Flexibility   Shortages and supply disruptions of essential intravenous (IV) drug infusion supplies continue […]

Fluorescence-guided surgery and cholangiography

PMI SURGLINE®: A Deeper Dive in Fluorescence-guided surgery

Fluorescence-guided surgery: Use and Cholangiography Options for Better Outcomes in Lap Cholecystectomy According to the General Surgery News and a […]

infusion supplies, remdesivir infusion

Remdesivir Infusion Amid Infusion Supply Shortages

Efficient Remdesivir Infusion Preparation with Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Device at Point-of-Care   Clinicians across the country are searching for effective […]

IV Infusion Supply, Intravenous infusion supplies

Discovery and Opportunity in IV Infusion Supply Turbulence

IV Infusion Supply and Finding the Light in the Uncertainty   Hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed with surges in covid […]

Baxter minibag plus, BBraun addease, iv bag shortage, drug shortage, small volume parenteral solutions, Vialmate, Small Volume Parenteral solution

A Universal Solution to Small Volume Parenteral Solution Shortages

Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Device – the Universal Point-of-care Solution*   With the flu season upon us, a new emergency looms […]

regeneron infusion point of care

Point-of-Care REGEN-COV™ Infusion with Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Device

Point-of-care REGEN-COV™ Infusion using the co-formulated vial and Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Device Maximizes Efficiency   The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, now […]

national specialty medical device distributor

National Specialty Medical Device Distribution

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) A National Specialty Medical Device Distribution Leader Celebrates 35 Years of Improving Clinical Outcomes 1986. Halley’s […]

EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, mAbs, Monoclonal AntiBody therapies, Casirivimab, Bamlanivimab,

Pharmacists Navigate the Unprecedented EUA Jungle

mAbs, Infusion Therapy & Flow Regulators   While working diligently with federal and local government and health departments to bring […]