PMI Extractor-EZ®: A Simple Solution for a Common Problem

As a young physician, training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, it did not take Terive Duperier long to understand one […]

Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm

Small but Mighty Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm Admixture Device Delivers as IV Drug Infusion Powerhouse

Daily pharmacies in 6,120 U.S. hospitals dispense millions of IV medications to patients but the process to prepare and deliver […]

hazardous drug protection

Inspiring Innovation in Hazardous Drug Protection

The 2004 NIOSH ALERT: Preventing Occupational Exposures to Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Health Care Settings revealed devastating news […]

infusion port manifold

Maximizing Cost Efficiency with a Versatile Infusion Port Manifold

3 Compelling Reasons for Using an Infusion Port Manifold   In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the quest to optimize […]

medical device clinical support

Medical Device Clinical Support is Our Top Priority

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) is one of the only distribution companies that offer medical device clinical support to our customers […]

medical device sales

What does it take to be a Medical Device Sales Professional?

Be More Than Just a Sales Rep, Be A Clinical Asset Being successful is not easy; it takes hard work, […]

exceptional customer service

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service and Our Mission to Bring Value

Most businesses would prioritize customer service to stay ahead of the competition. Not PMI; we provide exceptional customer service because […]

hazardous drug safety

Ending Hazardous Drug Safety Inequity

  Decades of research reveal the devastating consequences of exposure to hazardous drugs (HD) for healthcare workers (HCW) preparing and […]

Enable Stable Patient Care Amid Ambulatory Pump Set Shortages

Improved Traditional IV Infusion Devices Enable Stable Patient Care and Gain Preferred Status Hospitals and clinics are facing another shortage […]

IV Fluid Shortage Solution and Drug Infusion Stability

Point-of-care Admixture and IV Fluid Shortage Flexibility   Shortages and supply disruptions of essential intravenous (IV) drug infusion supplies continue […]