The Infusion Pumps that are Expanding Hospital Capacity in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Bill Calhoun, Jr., RPh, Clinical Affairs Manager The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape and created a new “normal” for us all. This virus has sickened people worldwide. The United States is leading all countries with confirmed cases, and reliable information is available from websites such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Remote Medication Infusion and Improved Outcomes, Reduced Cost and Happier Patients.

Author: Anna Cunningham, Pharm.D., Clinical Affairs Director There are many diseases and illnesses that require treatment using medication infusions, or drugs given through a catheter or needle. When oral medication options are unavailable or ineffective, but a costly hospital admission is unwarranted, home infusion is a cost-effective, safe, and patient preferred treatment option. Prior to […]