Progressive Medical, Inc. and Asset Medical Join Forces

Delivering Innovative Infusion Therapy and Improving Patient Outcomes


PMI is proud to partner with Asset Medical to offer a portfolio of infusion therapy products designed for patient safety and operational value.

Progressive Medical, Inc., a leading national distributor of specialty medical products, is proud to partner with Asset Medical to bring infusion therapy products in a variety of options with innovative features to help meet a diverse range of clinical applications and infusion therapy needs. Asset Medical’s expertise in developing advanced healthcare technologies aligns seamlessly with Progressive Medical’s commitment to delivering high-quality medical devices to healthcare facilities nationwide. Together, they aim to provide healthcare providers with the solutions needed to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

Asset Medical specializes in Sterile Infusion Therapy Devices containing needle-free IV connectors, Extension Lines, IV Filters, IV Set Accessories, and Disinfecting Caps. Asset Medical’s innovative products have received worldwide recognition for high quality and performance. With the principles of innovative design and the highest possible quality, along with an extensive network of distributors, Asset Medical strives to serve its clients globally. Today, thousands of healthcare professionals in more than 40 countries use Asset Medical products.

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