A Turnkey Exclusive Medical Device Distribution Partner

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) believes that sales success depends on strategically selected product lines, relationships, distribution reach, reliable supply chain, unparalleled product support, customer insight from industry thought-leaders, and win-win partnerships with superior product providers. We focus on select products that will complement our synergistic product portfolio and as such, we are selective in choosing our Manufacturing partners. PMI is a strategically developed turnkey exclusive medical distribution partner. Our focused product portfolio, clinically trained staff, dedicated team of sales managers, and established relationships allow PMI to execute with unmatched agility and impact. Simply put, Progressive Medical, Inc. offers our manufacturing partners a turnkey sales, marketing, contracting, and distribution partner.

Progressive Medical, Inc. is poised to become your Sales, Marketing, and Distribution team. If you currently have marketing practices in place, we can integrate in to your current business model. Our team of professionals will work both upstream and downstream, from implementation to analysis, we understand how to take your product to market. PMI will use our leverage to help you reach a large, ready customer base, and utilize our product support network becoming an extension of your own business. Our National Accounts and Contracts team can open doors to facilities by offering savings though the distribution agreements we have in place with several GPOs, IDNs, wholesalers, and direct distributors.

At Progressive Medical, Inc. we utilize advanced technology tools with detailed access to pricing, technical and clinical support materials, product specifications, inventory, sales activity and customer relations activity. These tools not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales process, but also provide metrics for engaged coaching by leadership, and insight for relationship management by our support service teams. We provide our manufacturing partners with real time data, documented sales activity/trends and integrated lead processing. Our experienced medical sales leadership team monitors and advises our sales force based on proven technologies and metrics generated in our detailed customer relations management system.

“PMI is an extension of our partner’s own Sales and Marketing staff. By maintaining a tight focus on a limited range of products, our staff has the time, training and energy to really focus on our partner’s products. That’s a difference that both customers and manufacturers truly appreciate.”

Mark M. Martin, MSN, MBA
President & CEO, Progressive Medical, Inc.


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