Struggling to launch a new medical device with 1099 Sales Reps?

Progressive Medical, Inc. is a Nationwide Medical Device Distributor Specializing in Sales, Clinical Support, Marketing and Contracting of Surgery and Infusion Technologies for over 34 years. If you are struggling to launch a new medical device with 1099 Sales Reps, perhaps we can help.

“I am challenged with the task of launching a new Medical Device in the U.S. Market.”

“Where can I find a clinically prepared medical device sales representative?”

“I am struggling to launch a new medical device and get traction across the U.S. with a network of 1099 Medical Sales Reps or Regional Medical Device Distributors.”

“I can’t get GPO Contracts without Nationwide medical device sales representatives and clinical support.”

“My marketing efforts have been ineffective, how can get my message out successfully?”

These are just a few frustrations we hear from new start-up Medical Device Companies struggling to launch a new medical device.

How can PMI help? PMI is a strategically developed turnkey exclusive nationwide medical distribution partner. Our focused product portfolio, clinically trained sales representatives, dedicated team of sales managers, global distribution reach, and established relationships allow PMI to execute with unmatched agility and impact.

If you are trying to get a new medical device launched or just tired of herding cats, give us a call perhaps we can help.

Are you challenged with the task of launching a new Medical Device in the U.S. Market?

We are the solution. Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) was founded in 1986 with a mission to identify and provide specialty medical products that demonstrate proven advantages in effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Since then, PMI has grown to become a medical device distribution leader in the United States, serving tens of thousands of customers nationwide.

Are you asking “Where can I find a clinically prepared medical device sales representative?”

We have the answer. Progressive Medical Inc. specializes in select and exclusive distribution of synergistic medical devices throughout the United States. Our National Sales Team, divided into seven regions, is led by our highly experienced management and leadership team. With over 200+ years of combined senior medical management experience, our Regional Managers are dedicated to advancing sales and fostering relationships in their region. In addition, PMI is supported by a Sales Education Team that provides extensive and continuous educational programs for not only our sales force, but the entire PMI organization.

Are you struggling to get traction across the U.S. through a network of 1099 Independent Sales Reps or Regional Medical Device Distributors? Marketing efforts ineffective?

We have the teams. Our Direct National Sales Team is clinically prepared to support the needs of our clinical customers in any clinical environment. Our sales, marketing, and clinical teams maintain long-standing relationships with key opinion leaders and respected healthcare organizations to support our goal of improving patient care. Supported by our experienced and highly-skilled Marketing Team, PMI will work with you to develop a strategy and execute on that strategy to build your brand and support your ongoing needs.

Are you facing the obstacle of obtaining GPO Contracts without Nationwide medical sales and clinical support?

We have the means. We understand Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) play a significant role in the healthcare supply chain industry, and our agreements can help you get your product in the door. Our National Accounts and Contracting Team leverages our entire portfolio to ensure you are best positioned to take market share.

Our Clinical Affairs Team is available to answer questions and provide peer to peer training and support to our customers. PMI employs experienced clinicians with first-hand knowledge and appreciation for the patient care environment. Education, product support and training are provided to our entire organization, and our customers benefit with comprehensive resource offerings from clinician peers with specialized professional practice experience.

Are you looking for Complete Customer Satisfaction?

That’s our goal. Our Customer Service department is fully staffed by Customers Service Specialists who personally answer every call, every time. Our customer support and billing specialists work out of our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO, making them continually available for prompt and reliable responses to the needs of our customers. Likewise, our Operations and Distribution Teams are here to ensure our customers receive their product professionally and expediently.

Tired of herding cats? Give us a call.