Our Products

Brainchild Surgical

The Lapro-Shark is designed to provide an optimal bite of fascia for port closure suture, while minimizing the capture of subcutaneous fat. This laparoscopic closure device with its ergonomic handle, allows for easy manipulation and precise control over the depth of the fascial bite and is designed to yield reproducible fascial closure. The Lapro-Shark is intended for the closure of trocar sites of 10mm or greater.


CMEA ambulatory infusion pumps provide flexibility to deliver a variety of infusion therapies by various routes of administration. Their compact design means that they fit almost anywhere your patient receives care. CMEA pumps offer a large full-color screen, programmable drug protocols, and weight and dose limits so you can precisely manage your patient’s pain. Get a new view of pain management using CMEA color-coded ColorVision® ambulatory infusion pumps for epidural and intravenous (IV) PCA infusions, or choose among multiple infusion options in one small, easy-to-use BodyGuard® pump.

Cook Biotech

Progressive Medical Inc. is excited to partner with Cook Biotech Inc. to distribute the Biodesign® Hernia Graft. The technology behind Biodesign tissue-repair products is supported by more than 1,400 published articles. More than 500 of those describe use in humans, and 10 of those have more than five years of follow-up data. The Biodesign® Hernia Graft is intended for implantation to reinforce soft tissues where weakness exists. Indications for use include the repair of a hernia or body wall defect. The graft is supplied sterile and is intended for one-time use.

EPIC Medical

The safe, accurate, simple, solution for short duration, long duration, and home infusion therapy. SMARTeZ® disposable elastomeric pumps are intended for intermittent and continuous antibiotic infusion, chemotherapy, pain management and general infusion therapies. Disposable elastomeric pumps also known as “home iv infusion balls,” “ball pumps,” “home pumps”, or “grenade pumps” exert pressure to administer medication at a predetermined flow rate. SMARTeZ® pumps have superior drug stability and are available in more fill volume and flow rate combinations than any other elastomeric pump system.
Genicon Logo


Progressive Medical, Inc. is proud to partner with GENICON® an emerging leader in the design and production of patented surgical instrumentation focused exclusively on laparoscopic surgery. PMI is the Exclusive Nationwide Distributor for the entire GENICON® Minimally Invasive Surgery product portfolio. The GENICON® product portfolio includes several families of laparoscopic devices such as Single-Use Specimen Retrieval Bags (GENIStrong™, SIMPLYStong™ (bag alone) & EZEE Retrieval), Trocar Cannula Systems (Bladeless Products, Shielded & Pyramidal Tip Systems as well as Hasson “Open Style” Ports); Lavage Products (Disposable Suction/Irrigation ); Electrosurgical Instrumentation, and Ligations systems.

PMI Private Label

PMI offers a variety of private label products that complement our primary line of products. As a National Distributor and Global Supplier, we can offer cost savings for surgical products such as electrodes, cholangiogram catheters, kittners, and insufflation tubing/needles, as well as additional products for non-acute settings and pharmacies. We continue to grow our private label according to the changing need in the medical arena.

Quest Medical, Inc.

Specialty IV sets used in OR, Adult and Neonatal/Pediatric Critical Care units, Cardiology and any setting were a clinician will use a 2-9 IV manifold to administer infusion therapy. Offering rigid and flexible IV administration extension sets to fit clinical preference and patient needs, the Q2 needleless luer access ports provide virtually zero residual volume. Quest’s Q2® split septum, technology offers a swabable valve, needle-free connection, and heparin-free flushing solution.

Via Surgical

FasTouch™, with its lightweight deployable sutures, provides comprehensive hernia mesh fixation for hernia repair. The fixation strength of the sutures stems from the closed locked-loop suture concept. The minimal amount of material in the sutures may reduce foreign body response and chronic pain. Designed like hernia sutures, delivered like hernia tacks, the revolutionary light-weight design significantly minimizes implanted foreign body material. Reloadable suture cartridge-based system may reduce cost and supports a variety of clinical needs.

West Pharmaceutical Services

The West Sterile Drug Transfer Device is a cost-effective solution for the safe and rapid transfer and reconstitution of medications between vials and syringes. This versatile device is an efficient needle-free alternative for dispensing medications to the sterile field as recommended by AORN* and can be utilized in all patient care areas for safe medication preparation and administration