PMI Flow Regulator – IV Administration Set with 0.2 Micron In-Line Filter

PMI Flow Regulator – IV Administration Set with 0.2 Micron In-Line Filter

PMI Flow Regulator IV Administration Set with 0.2 Micron Filter


The PMI FLOW REGULATOR IV Set is Available with a 0.2 Micron In-Line Filter is Ideal for Non-Acute and Home Infusion Therapies

Designed to improve the accuracy of gravity infusion, the PMI FLOW REGULATOR IV administration set offers consistency and reliability during gravity-fed delivery of medications.  The intuitive, easily adjustable dial allows the clinician or caregiver to dial flows in the range of 5-300 ml/hr.

  • Cost effective alternative to expensive IV pump infusions
  • Easy to read and smooth adjusting rate flow dial
  • Flow dial reduces opportunity for kinking vs. common roller-clamps
  • Available in needle-free Y-site configuration for secondary infusion needs
  • Available with 0.2-micron low-protein binding in-line filter when recommended

The PMI Flow Regulator IV set is the safe, accurate and cost effective solution to costly IV pump infusions. Our IV administration sets offer consistency and accuracy during gravity fed delivery of medications. Designed with a universal vented spike, 100 inches of kink free tubing, and a smooth adjusting dial, our flow regulator will accurately dial a flow in the range of 5-300ml/hr.

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) is a leading specialty medical products sales, marketing, and distribution company.  PMI offers a variety of INFUSELINE® Products, ranging from flow regulator IV sets to pharmacy pump sets. Our product offerings are designed for patient-focused solutions and operational efficiency enhancement in IV infusion and pharmacy settings. Progressive Medical, Inc. is committed to improving clinical outcomes through our INFUSELINE® product offerings.  Our clinically-trained sales team and in-house clinical staff provide ongoing support for both our INFUSELINE® and SURGLINE® Product Portfolios.

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