Fluorescence-guided surgery and cholangiography

PMI SURGLINE®: A Deeper Dive in Fluorescence-guided surgery

Fluorescence-guided surgery: Use and Cholangiography Options for Better Outcomes in Lap Cholecystectomy According to the General Surgery News and a […]

face shields, PPE, covid19, delta variant, lamda variant

Shield Yourself with Additional Protection during PPE Shortages

A recent article in Outpatient Surgery reveals the fact that many facilities are facing a new crisis of PPE shortages. […]

infection control, face shield, and ppe

Infection Control and PPE Gets Personal

How do we focus on Infection Control and PPE without losing the personal element?   We now realize that this […]

face shields and society

Face Masks, Face Shields and Society

THE NEW ANTI-SOCIAL SOCIAL SOCIETY   Face shields in a socially distant social society, an experience working through COVID-19. We […]