SMARTeZ® Elastomeric Infusion Pumps

SMARTeZ® Elastomeric Infusion Pumps

The Difference is Clear…

SMARTeZ® elastomeric infusion pumps are intended for intermittent and continuous antibiotic infusion, chemotherapy, pain management and general infusion therapies. The safe, accurate and simple solution for short and long duration infusion therapy.

  • Transparent design to allow visual product inspection during pharmacist verification
  • Individually calibrated for accuracy
  • Expanded drug stability data and extensive collection of flow rates & fill volumes available
  • Automated manufacturing provides a consistent and reliable supply, diversified therapy options and customizable volume and rate combinations

wolf bbraun elastomeric pumps

Select sizes of the SMARTeZ® disposable elastomeric infusion pumps are available in 6-pack configurations and are available in multiple flow rates and fill volumes. Why the SMARTeZ® Six Pack?

  • Convenient
  • More Efficient
  • Less Waste
  • Enhance Productivity

Visit our EPIC Medical SMARTeZ®  product page for a complete review of this product line that is designed to deliver medication to the patient in a continuous and accurate manner, either in a hospital or at home.  SMARTeZ® disposable elastomeric infusion pumps enable patients to participate in normal daily activities and improve the quality of life.



PMI offers a variety of INFUSELINE® Products, ranging from flow regulator IV sets to pharmacy pump sets. Our product offerings are designed for patient-focused solutions and operational efficiency enhancement in IV infusion and pharmacy settings.  Our clinically-trained sales team and our in-house clinical professionals support both our SURGLINE® Product Portfolio and INFUSELINE® Product Portfolio through ongoing clinician product education with the goal of improved outcomes for patients and added value for our healthcare partners.

Since 1986, PMI has remained dedicated to providing clinically superior products that demonstrate proven advantages in overall cost effectiveness, efficiency and safety. We pride ourselves in remaining steadfast in our commitment to Improve Clinical Outcomes while presenting proven strategies that are designed to provide VALUE and clinical EXCELLENCE.


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