Lapro-Shark™ – Laparoscopic Fascial Port Closure

Lapro-Shark™ – Laparoscopic Fascial Port Closure

Protect Your Patients with Lapro-Shark™ Laparoscopic Fascia Closure Device


The Lapro-Shark™ –  A Unique, Simple and Safe Method for Laparoscopic Fascial Port Closure

port site closure device



The safe, simple, precise method with the perfect ‘bite’ of fascia for laparoscopic port fascial closure.

Lapro-Shark™ is a unique solution for fascial closure for laparoscopic / robotic port sites of 10mm – 15mm with NO exposed needle in the abdomen.

We invite you to visit our Lapro-Shark™ product page to view one of the several Brainchild Lapro-Shark™ video demonstrations from the Bariatric Surgeon inventor, Dr. Danny Sherwinter.








The perfect complement to Lapro-Shark™ – Absorbable Synthetic Sutures by DemeTECH®


DemeTech®, “A Trusted Name in Medicine”, is now partnering with Lapro-shark™, a uniquely designed laparoscopic port closure device with an enclosed needle, to bring two offerings of synthetic, absorbable suture that are specifically designed without a needle to make threading quick and easy with the Lapro-Shark™. DemeCRYL , a braided suture with coating on the ends to make threading easy, and DemeDIOX, a monofilament with strength and an absorption profile to support all types of patients, are two of DemeTECH’s star performers.


DemeCRYL™ and DemeDIOX™

  • Designed without a needle for ease of use with the Lapro-Shark device
  • Available in braided multi-filament and monofilament
  • Braided suture ends are coated to make suture passage easy


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