Asset Medical Needle-Free Connectors

Asset Medical Needle-Free Connectors

PMI is proud to partner with Asset Medical to offer a portfolio of infusion therapy products designed for patient safety and operational value.

Asset Medical offers needle-free connectors and IV administration sets that are designed to help prevent needle stick injury and CR-BSIs.

FlowArt® | Needle-Free Connector

  • Fully transparent and clear housing with an integrated, flat silicone seal and split septum
  • Smooth pathway, providing a microbial barrier
  • Suitable for 7 days / 600 activations

NeutrArt® | Needle-Free Connector

  • Internal split septum design allows for a straight fluid pathway
  • Clear transparent housing to ensure all residue is fully flushed
  • Minimal residual volume allows for lower flush volumes

IV Administration Sets

  • Extension lines with needle-free neutral valve
  • Single use infusion sets available with 0.2 or 1.2 micron filter
  • Double or triple lumen infusion sets with needle-free valves designed to reduce CR-BSIs


For more information, visit our manufacturer partner Asset Medical here . PMI offers a range of INFUSELINE® Products, ranging from flow regulator IV sets to pharmacy pump sets. Our product offerings are designed for patient-focused solutions and operational efficiency enhancement in IV infusion and pharmacy settings. Progressive Medical, Inc. is committed to improving clinical outcomes through our INFUSELINE® product offerings. Our clinically-trained sales team and in-house clinical staff provide ongoing support both our SURGLINE® Product Portfolio and INFUSELINE® Product Portfolio through ongoing clinician product education with the goal of improved outcomes for patients and added value for our healthcare partners.

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