Make specimen extraction easy with the PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ®

The PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ® is a retractable scalpel designed for insertion into a trocar site. With the blade retracted, the surgeon is able to maintain pneumoperitoneum while guiding the blunt shaft of the device into position under direct vision with the camera. Once the shaft is positioned, the blade can be deployed to make precise, controlled incisions in the fascia to make specimen extraction easier.

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A simple, safe device that can improve outcomes for the patient and surgeon: the PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ®

  • Designed to facilitate the extraction of any solid organ or specimen retrieval bag that is too large for removal through the port site
  • Developed to improve outcomes through achieving a better approximation of fascial defect closure, reducing the risk of hernia
  • Blunt tip with retractable stainless steel blade for safety while enlarging the fascial opening
  • Arrow on tip identifies scalpel orientation when inserted into trocar siteretractable scalpel for port site
  • Sterile, disposable product for single patient use
  • May save valuable OR time removing specimens

Reduce the risk of scalpel injury by introducing the PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ® into the abdominal cavity with the blade retracted.

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