PMI Huber Safety Sets Port Access Needles

PMI Huber Safety Sets Port Access Needles

Huber Safety Infusion Set for Vascular Port Access

Huber Safety Sets Designed for Ease-of-use & Patient Comfort.

The PMI Huber Safety Infusion Set is a safety IV administration set used to access vascular ports. The low profile design and soft wings are ideal for patient comfort. These power rated infusion sets focus on safety and ease of use. Available in a variety of needle gauges and lengths these port access safety sets are designed to protect the clinician and provide patient comfort. Available in a variety of needle gauges and lengths.

Product features:

  • Safe, needle encapsulating cone upon deployment
  • OSHA compliant
  • Ergonomic pinch clamp for one-handed operation
  • All sets are power-rated
  • Textured wings and flexible pull tab enable easy and safe insertion and removal
  • Lipid compatible

Patient benefits:

  • Low-profile design and soft wings ideal for patient comfort
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • No DEHP-containing plastics used in device manufacture
  • Once deployed, the needle is completely enclosed to reduce the incidence of needle stick injury during removal, transport, and disposal

The power-rated PMI HUBERSAFETY SETS are used for access of vascular ports. The telescopic needle-encapsulating cone reduces risk of needle stick injury while providing a barrier to protect against blood, fluid, and drug exposure.

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PMI offers a variety of INFUSELINE® Products, ranging from flow regulator IV sets to pharmacy pump sets. Our product offerings are designed for patient-focused solutions and operational efficiency enhancement in IV infusion and pharmacy settings. Progressive Medical, Inc. is committed to improving clinical outcomes through our INFUSELINE® product portfolio. Our clinically-trained sales team and in-house clinical staff provide ongoing support for both our INFUSELINE® and SURGLINE® Product Portfolios.

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