National Specialty Medical Device Distribution

Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI)
A National Specialty Medical Device Distribution Leader
Celebrates 35 Years of Improving Clinical Outcomes

1986. Halley’s Comet reaches the closest point to the Earth during its second visit to the solar system in the 20th century, the Internet Mail Access Protocol is defined, which opened the way for E-Mail, and Mark Martin brings his dream to reality.

Mark Martin comes from a clinical nursing background and after obtaining his MSN in Cardiovascular Science, Mark supervised an ICU. Mark decided he needed a change, so he went back to school to receive his MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing. Mark came to realize that he needed to forge a new path …and his journey into sales began. With the support of his wife, Julie, a minivan and a mission, Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI) began. Since then, PMI has grown to become a specialty medical device distribution leader in the United States, serving tens of thousands of customers nationwide.

“PMI’s success stems from our clinical background. That experience drives us to find the products that can increase the quality of patient care, while also recognizing the realities of the healthcare facility. Bottom line, we care about the customer, I think this still means something.”      ~Mark Martin, President & CEO

Progressive Medical Inc. specializes in select and exclusive distribution of synergistic specialty medical devices throughout the United States. Our National Sales Team, divided into seven regions, is led by our highly experienced management and leadership team. With over 200+ years of combined senior medical management experience, our Regional Managers are dedicated to advancing sales, improving clinical outcomes and fostering relationships in their region.

There is no other company like PMI… Why?

    • A National Sales Team that is clinically prepared to support the needs of our clinical customers in any clinical environment.
    • A National Account & Contract Team that understands the needs of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and how they play a significant role in the healthcare supply chain industry.
    • A Customer Service Team that is second to none, fully staffed by Customers Service Specialists who personally answer every call, every time.
    • Our Operations and Distribution Teams ensure our customers receive their product professionally and expediently.
    • A Clinical Affairs Team that is available to answer questions and provide peer to peer training and support to our customers.
    • Sales Education in collaboration with the Marketing Team provide extensive and continuous educational programs for not only our sales force, but the entire PMI organization.
    • Our Marketing Team of professionals works in all aspects of both upstream and downstream marketing, from implementation to analysis, we understand how to take your product to market.

We welcome you to visit us and learn more about Progressive Medical, Inc.  As we venture into 2021, in these still uncertain times, one thing remains a constant: the entire PMI Family remains steadfast in their commitment to Improve Clinical Outcomes.

Here’s to another 35 years!