PMI LAPSYSTEM™ Electrosurgical Instruments

PMI LAPSYSTEM™ Electrosurgical Instruments


A Sharp Tip Every Time

After attending a recent laparoscopic surgeons’ conference last month and speaking directly with surgeons from all over the country, we found that surgeons are always looking for a product that exceeds their expectations by making surgeries less difficult to accomplish and by increasing their patient’s safety. At Progressive Medical, we continually strive toward that goal, impacting patients, facilities and surgeons who use our products. We had the opportunity to put our PMI LAPSYSTEM™ Electrosurgical Instruments into surgeons’ hands which is the true measure of a product, and here is what they said.

What do surgeons need?

  • A sharp scissor every time! Dull scissors create a problem for both the surgeon and patient and increase surgical time. The only way to ensure sharp scissor tips is a NEW tip for each patient.
  • Micro-dissection tips and sharp scissors that are easier to control in the laparoscopic environment.
  • An ergonomic, solid feel handle that is comfortable and reduces hand fatigue. Hand fatigue is an ongoing problem for surgeons and updated designs were necessary to make the LAPSYSTEM handle more comfortable for different hand types.

With the continued increase in laparoscopic procedures, electrosurgical instrument scissors are commonly used to dissect and cut bodily tissues with or without cauterization. After fully researching and pre-market testing of the PMI LAPSYSTEM, additional adjustments were made that make an impact on the safety and performance of this monopolar, reposable scissor electrosurgical instrument system.


What’s unique about PMI LAPSYSTEM Electrosurgical Instruments?

Why look at evaluating?

  • New PMI LAPSYSTEM materials for the integrated handle and shaft have been tested up to 500 sterilization cycles – 6X more than many competitive systems.
  • PMI LAPSYSTEM shaft-to-tip connection features a unique, two-step encapsulation which ensures safety and security with a simple application, all without the need for an O ring, which could easily be lost or damaged.
  • PMI LAPTIP designs feature insulated tips which further protect from any chance of current spread.
  • PMI will do an ROI and share options for reduced waste and improved value compared to fully disposable products or reusable products with expensive maintenance contracts.

PMI SURGLINE® offers unique solutions, all of which can be used during laparoscopic and robotic procedures. From insufflation to site closure, PMI has solutions which are designed with the clinician in mind. Visit Us to see the following PMI SURGLINE products and more. Brief product videos are available for several of the following as well.

  • PMI SUPERBAG® Specimen Retrieval Bags
  • PMI Cholangiogram Catheter and Grasper Options
  • PMI Electrode Tips in over 60 configurations from Tungsten Microneedle Tips to Laparoscopic Length Tips
  • Site Closure Options, such as Lapro-Shark™ Fascial Closure with a fully protected needle
  • PMI EXTRACTOR-EZ®: a unique solution which extends the port site from the fascial side for best closure and healing when extracting larger specimens

At PMI, we are proud to be a nurse-owned company, with over 36 years of proven solutions for clinicians and facilities.